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Do you have problems with your batteries always going flat , well then stop it today by either using one of the bellow products. The

battery isolator switch allows you to cut of the power when you finish so your battery doesnt drain. The duel battery isolator switch

helps you to connect two batteries together,keeps  them  both getting charged but stops your main starting battery from draining.

Duel Battery Isolator

Choose one our battery/trickle charges to maintain full charge of your battery at all times. We have the 1 amp charger for small atv batteries

and 1/2/4 amp charger for larger ATV and Buggy batteries



 Isolator switch

Chose our Isolator switch for easy power shut off , this is a cheap and

effective way to save you battery life




Battery Charger /

Trickle charger 1 amp

Hardcore 1 amp battery charger / trickle charger

Comes with-

Ring terminals & crocadile clips

Reverse polarity & overload protection

Designed not to overcharge your battery

Maintains full charge indefinintly




battery Charger /

tricke charger 1/2/4 amp

Oz Charger 1/2/4 amp batteyr charger and trickle charger

Micropessor controlled

Heavy duty cables

Internal overload heat protection

Alligator clips

reverse polarity and overload protection

Pulse charge output

2 year warranty


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