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Twister 150cc Rear axle

Twister 150cc Rear axle

$185.00 Regular Price
$165.00Sale Price
Twister 150cc rear axle,suits UM150ll , GT150 , GTS150 ,Trailmaster 150 , Atomik 150

Note- Please Choose your drive axle carefully.

We also have axle bearings, seals and carriers in stock !!
  • Details

    Early Model Twister Hammerhead buggies , single and duel seat have a external reverse gearbox mounted on the outside of the engine. (choose rear axle for early model 150cc)
    Late model Twister Hammerhead , Trailmaster , Atomik buggies have a built in fwd,N,Rev gearbox. (choose late model rear axle)
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